You’re Never Too Old For A Teddy!

Timeless Teddy

As heavy eyelids meet under darkened skies, a melancholy leg hangs down from my headboard. Brushing gently against the wood, his hirsute ears stay motionless… listening but never responding; a muted friend, safeguarding me from the nighttime’s unseen mischiefs. As a ticking radiator groans, arousing the watchman’s attentions, my peepers have long been fastened… secretly concocting fruit-flavoured dreams behind closed doors. While elves use up their reserve tank of niceties and fairies run low on magic, my friend sits peacefully, wide awake, devoted to the cause.

They don’t mind if their work goes unappreciated – glory wasn’t part of the deal. Quietly and subtly they get on with the little things. However, like fundamental bricks forming the base of mankind’s most staggering architecture, they’re needed. Man can’t live without water just as much as they can’t live without such creatures, for no bed is the same with a bear-shaped-hole in its pillow… they’re part of the furniture aren’t they? Besides, why break something that doesn’t need fixing…

4, 9, 14, 23, 39, 47, 58, 62, 71, 80… You’re never too old for a teddy… or 3!

(P.S. mine’s called Cyril… what about yours?)


16 thoughts on “You’re Never Too Old For A Teddy!

  1. This is fantastic! You are definitely never too old for a teddy,or three!
    (Mine’s called Quentin)

  2. Mine is not a bear, it’s a fluffy dog my mom brought back to me from Ireland when I was just 7 or 8. Bobby says hi to the teddy-bears/dogs community! 😀

  3. So true! When we had a build-a-bear event at my college last year, no one was shy about admitting they still loved stuffed animals. I made a “tiger teddy” named Bengalina and have since knitted a few sweaters for her just for kicks. You can see her at my other blog,

  4. I have 2 teddys (pooh from my 2 year and Judy from my 10th year), a doggy (Bob from my wedding day 10 years ago) and a unicorn (Fanzy from when I gave birth 9 years ago) doing dream duty on my bed, keeping me extra safe from the badness at night and proping my head (the uni is my pillow!)

    Pooh has it ultra hard. My dog, Velcro, likes to take him to his bed to sleep at night. :O

  5. I have 4 animals to keep me company, and I am not embarrassed to say Griffith my Giraffe I got when I finished high school, and Subby (substitute husband) my pillow pet I got last year. Leapordy though (can you guess what animal it is?) I got when I was born from my uncle who not long after passed, So I love my toys. Oh I said 4, the other one is my cat, but he isnt stuffed, just fat.

  6. mine is called Yogi bear. I have this huge bear as big as 1.5 metres laying on my bed. As my sister shares the bed together with me, she would awake in the middle of the night with fear because she claimed that the HUGE bear is staring directly at her. Yogi has been with me for 3 years now and yes, we are never too old for a bear!
    Great Post!

  7. hahahahahaha..brilliant! I have a few..needless to say I am happy to know some people out there greatly approve of them…even when people do the whole ‘chuck everything your ex gave you’ thing…i could not do it to my teddy lol

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