The Sin of Socks & Sandals

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every 6 months – Oscar Wilde

Never have I ever seen a more horrendous sight than the ankles of a man sporting socks with sandals. Crime against fashion I

Sinful socks & sandals!

hear you cry? Yes, but surely it’s a crime against social decorum! I mean, who on earth ever believed that such a bizarre concoction should have the right to create amazing results? The sort of results that have women swooning at the mere sight of a man’s bottom half stepping off a bus; or have them rushing over to an escalator to see their hideous combination slowly being unveiled like some sordid prize on a quiz show… No, no, NO! No one, surely no one believed this could ever be possible, so why even try it?!

Only a small minority would think this, to spend that extra amount of time rummaging through their drawers looking for the most repulsive pair of white socks – as if drawing attention to yourself is a good idea! What is more, they agonise over trying to achieve that perfect S&S look – sock colour? Check. Sandals colour? Check. Sock height? Check. The latter is the one that really gets me. I assume that, if the measurements aren’t perfect and you’re sock doesn’t grip your shin about half-way up, you’re not allowed to gain Saint of the Socks and Sandals status (or, as we like to call them here at – St. S&S). Indeed one must earn the right to join such a clique through hard work and dedication… but most importantly – terrible fashion sense.

Admittedly, wearing socks with shoes does have its benefits (albeit only 3):

  1. Socks help keep your feet clean, protecting them from dust and moisture (although toe-fluff isn’t exactly the nicest thing… unless you’re throwing it at your enemies)
  2. Socks stop your shoes from rotting like old apples (no one likes rotting fruit)
  3. Socks make nice puppets (everyone loves a good ol’ sock bunny)
Nevertheless, surely this doesn’t justify wearing them with sandals. I mean, can we not make an exception to the law here; break the shoe-shaped mould; sacrifice our feet for the benefit of the bigger picture? When I meet people on the street they’ll agree with me that the few remaining renegades need ousting – people hate them (the S&S not necessarily the wearers)!
So, I guess it’s no surprise that such an abhorred practice, performed only by anti-social dorks and 1990’s Dads alike, is slowly starting to die out…

… or is it?! Duhn, duhn, DUHHNN!


437 thoughts on “The Sin of Socks & Sandals

    • it is narrow-minded vanity and idiocracy like this blogger which always tempt me to put on a pair of socks with the tevas. my feet smell less when i do, and that makes fashion scents. reminds of an old woman with dementia with nothing better to do than complain that there is a leaf in the yard. pissing off people like this blogger is the greatest reward of wearing socks with sandals.

      • This post was all in good jest! In fact the idea came from my friend who was threatening to wear S&S on holiday but his girlfriend wouldn’t allow it. I don’t think you can call it vanity or idiocracy, just simple jocularity.

      • Pissing off overly serious people like you is the greatest reward of this blogger.

      • i agree with keith this post is offensive to people who where socks with sandels. wearing socks with sandles is quite comfy in my case.

      • It’s not intentionally offensive! Laughing at yourself is what life is all about, why should everything be misconstrued and taken so seriously?

      • ‘It’s not intentionally offensive! Laughing at yourself is what life is all about, why should everything be misconstrued and taken so seriously?’

        I second the motion. Well, we, people believe and understand differently. For some people this post is offensive but not to me. Thumbs up to you albertwinestain! this made my day. ;D

      • the socks were too warm. i took them off the socks and worked on the truck. i’ll wear them with socks next fall. i’m known to wear sandals and socks with jeans. the sandals are more comfortable than athletic shoes, and athletic shoes are ugly. sandals and socks at minimum have style. surely better than some of women’s fashion over the years with their stupid peacock bangs, leg warmers, and those shawls.

      • Speaking of humor, there’s nothing sillier looking than a man wearing socks–dress socks in particular, though white tube socks aren’t any better–with sandals.

        I tend to not be too fashion-forward (I like reliable, durable clothing, like a pair of jeans, a henley or T-shirt, accompanied by conservative shoes for general wear, or sandals without socks for more casual) but there’s something awkward-looking about wearing socks with sandals.

        They remind me of Tucker Carlson and his bow ties, in that the person wearing either may be an adult, but there’s something just a bit off-putting and infantile about their look.

      • I absolutely agree with you and I am a woman. I wear black ankle socks with my sandals in the early Spring and Fall when it’s nippy. They feel cozy and keep my feet clean and warm. I also wear other no no’s like jogging pants with a little jacket along with my socks and sandals. They can all go to hell as far as I’m concerned.

    • i was wearing the sandals without socks today, but this article inspired me to put on some bowling socks i got from the bowling alley to wear with my sandals.

    • I remember sitting on the floor crying as a five year old…why?…because my Mother was putting socks and sandles on my feet. It just did not feel right.

  1. Wearing socks with sandals just defeats the purpose of wearing sandals to begin with. You want to “breeze” your feet, but then you wear socks. WHUT?!

  2. Wearing socks with sandals defeats the purpose of sandals. We wear sandals to “breeze” our feet, so wtf?!

  3. My dad used to wear socks with sandals. They would match whatever he was wearing. The red socks were especially weird. I blame my mom. Thanks for the post! Keep up the good work. I’m glad I discovered your blog!

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with you, especially on the half way up the leg part. Whilst my BF doesn’t do socks and sandals simply no socks and sandals I sometimes wonder, given how his feet look, what is a worse crime exposing lots of people to his ugly feet or the fashion faux pas of socks and sandals. I try to encourage all year round trainers

  5. In you, I see a fellow enlightened soul… I feel the same way! I always thought sandals were meant to give your toes some breathing space. Love this post…you have a real endearing way of writing! Sharing it on FB

    • I’m glad we agree! Exactly what I was thinking – don’t smother your feet for the benefit of looking terrible!
      Why thank you very much! That’s very kind of you! 🙂

  6. Hmmmm … I sort of like wearing socks with sandals once in a while. Not all the time, of course … but I’m a woman, so I guess that makes it an even worse fashion faux pas. “Dorks,” huh??? Wow, I’ve never been called a “dork” before in my whole, long life. I think this means I’ve reached a new plateau! I love new experiences!!!

      • Oh, I’m not the least bit offended. I realized you were having fun. I don’t use emoticons, or you would have seen a big grin. I’m honestly enjoying the fresh experience of considering myself from that point of view. (And to be totally honest, every time I do put on a pair of socks with sandals, I think, “Wow this is so ‘not good style,'” but I like the fun of doing it anyway.)

      • Haha I see! Sorry I can’t always tell the tone from people’s comments and I would never want to offend anyone! Well, tbh, if you feel comfortable in your S&S then go forth and wear them with pride!

  7. I believe socks with sandals is/was fairly standard fashion practice in Europe, though typically with dark colored socks.

    I had a couple of college professors that’d wear wool socks with sandals during the winter months – they wore sandals all year long. Hippies.

  8. The only possible defense for S and S is that some people have no idea of the word “pedicure” and their feet are sadly neglected and we’re subjected to the evidence. A man who takes care of hs feet…great!

    • I beg to differ. I have feet that will hardly fit well into a sandal due to their small nature. I don’t mean small in length, but small in terms of area of foot from bottom to top of foot (less than 1-1/2 inches).

      I went to a large shoe store last weekend in hopes of finding a sandal that would fit. Alas, even the shoe salesmen was stumped for something. I end up with sandals that are too loose, or where straps move and cause blisters.

      I wish I had better “sandal feet”. Often times I resort to wearing socks (with most all of my shoes) to be able to walk and work in comfort and to get shoes to stay on my feet! The majority of shoes I try on in stores simply don’t come close to fitting. At least at home I can go barefoot.

  9. I agree with the viewpoint that socks defeat the very point of wearing sandals, but now there is a new offender with a resonably good defense. These slip on pseudo-flip flops. It started with athletes who wear cleats needing a mode of transport sans cleats and not wanting to punish the planet with bare (bear) feet after a game inside said flip flop things. Now it is “in fashion” to wear this look (with socks) even if you haven’t been active out of doors in the last decade or can even spell “athlete”. So what of the look I am dubbing “The Athlete’s Foot”?

  10. I thought socks with sandals were bad, but then a dad showed up at my daughter’s basketball game wearing red high water sweat pants, white socks and loafers. I thought the ref was going to call the game…

  11. Ha! Love this post. My sister and I have always dreaded this look… especially with flip-flops… How on earth is it even comfortable, but worse, how is it attractive to have turtle feet? haha that’s funny!

  12. Oh it is such a bad combination .. A friend of mine has a big sweating problem in her feet and palm . She tried all kinds of powders and medicines . So she ended up wearing socks and sandals to college . Man , she had to endure so much teasing and pointing from people. Poor girl ..

  13. Sometimes it can be considered a fashion faux pas, but here in Europe it is not seen as automatically so because we are generally comfortable and welcoming of the individuality of choosing one’s clothing and shoes without being judged by others.

    I can see the humor intended in the post, but at the same time, there is a whole world out there of different ways of doing things, different cultures and practices, etc. why should one culture think it is superior to another or down another way of doing things just because of their own personal opinion? I’ve never understood that.

      • It isn’t total luck, WP has readers that decide what will be interesting, funny, etc. It has happened to me a couple of times and it is pretty fun and catches you off guard. I like it because I may have never found your blog without it and it is funny. I totally agree on the socks and sandals thing, If there is a part of the world that is cool with it, the rest of the world is laughing at them.

      • Ah I see, so they have like ‘scouts’? Yh it certainly does and I agree, without it I wouldn’t have discovered all you wonderful people!
        Haha yh :p

  14. Jocularity noted. 😉

    “Benefit” #4: the ever sexy and much sought after “sock tan”, lol.

    ps: I’ve always wondered how to spell “Duhn, duhn, DUHHNN!”. Thanks! 🙂

    • Haha, can’t believe I missed that one off! :O
      Tbh, it took me some time to decide what I would spell it as – at one point I even contemplated googling it! 😀

  15. ok, but as long as the chicks wear these hideous ballerina flats or these colored galoshes (WHEN ITS NOT RAINING!!) or these stupid fake eskimo boots made of ..fffoam, we should put on the S&S just to retaliate!

  16. Please do not visit California unless you can be prepared for a barrage of this sort of behavior. It’s almost as terrifying as the 70 year old women with wrinkled necks and smoothly stretched faces and boobs. Almost.

  17. I take a much more hardline view. Men shouldn’t wear sandals/flip flops ever be they with or without socks.
    I am especially bothered by the site of a grown man in a pair of jeans and flip flops or sandals. That bit of fashion throws me into a Hulk-like rage.

  18. The day I got badly sunburned on my feet changed my life. Now, I ALWAYS wear socks with sandals and have never looked back ever since.

  19. I never realised there was such a huge fan base for socks and sandals. The fact that so many people have leapt to the defence of this attrocity has made me lose a substantial amount of faith in society. Who knew a simple sock and sandal could cause such heated controversey?

    Good post, and good luck in your quest against socks and sandals.

  20. I do wear socks and sandals – in my defence, my work shoes sometimes are just too hot, but it’s not yet warm enough for sandals alone (I work outdoors most of the time). But then, I’m also usually covered in dirt, so I doubt anyone much notices my footwear!

  21. Clearly you need to use the “A Very Strange Place” method of persuasion. That is to say, take everyone who wears socks and sandals and attack them with a crotch biting weasel.
    Works every time.

  22. yes yes yes … socks in sandals are so bad, men (and women) should be punished for this fashion crime and eye sre, maybe electroshocks from the footbed if they attempt it?

  23. Too funny! I do reflexology so I like feet that are not too dried up. But I agree that white socks with sandals just don’t do it for me. No socks with sandals! Wash your feet often and put on some body cream. Leave the socks in the drawer!

  24. Laugh out loud funny blog, thanks for the chuckles. Quite obviously a hit with many fellow blogger’s too.
    This has reminded me of a high school teacher or 2 who very often graced us with the precence of not just your ordinary sandles, but socks and jesus sandles. Scary shit.

  25. I am a 28 year old woman, and I wear socks with my sandals all the time. I like to wear sandals, but sometimes its cold, so I put socks on. It’s purely practical. Why do you need to make me feel like somehow I am inadequate, or not cool enough for your club, because I do this? I’m not trying to look cool, or to fit into a fashion catagory – I just find it quite practical. I love my socks and sandals combo and I’m proud!

    • Please do feel proud p I’m glad! And as for making you feel inadequate its not about that at all, just having a bit of fun! 🙂 But answer me this, why is practical to combine the two in searing heat?

      • Thank you! In searing heat, my socks are firmly in my bag, but what about the middle aged man with sweaty feet? Maybe his socks keep his feet dry and not sticky. I don’t know.
        You should try the sock and sandal combo out one cold day and see what you’re missing. I think i’m missing out on the searing heat – I’m in bed at the moment, and I still have my socks on – yet another very un-cool thing to do, but it’s May and it’s still very cold in the UK.

      • NOOO! Of course he should be wearing sandals! Its hot, and he has a right to wear sandals without being made to feel like he’s just not hip enough. He’s an old middle aged man, and he doesn’t give a crap whether you think he’s cool or not, and if it’s your pet peeve, then you must be completely oblivious to all the really important things in life that we should be complaining about. Maybe you don’t read newspapers, so all you have to keep yourself occupied is complaining about old men wearing socks and sandals.
        I am wearing socks and sandals today. It’s spring, but it’s not warm, but it might be later. I’m prepared and comfortable.

      • If we worried about all the serious things in life then ehat is there to laugh at? Surely the joy of laughter is enough to conquer all thr evil in the world? Well maybe im being too optimistic in this pessimistic world society and as for reading papers? Of course I do! But sometimes its nice to post lighthearted things for a change. In fact, if you read some of my other posts youd realise that im not all about mocking the easily mockable

  26. When I lived in Hawaii back in the early ’90’s, wearing socks and sandals was common practice. I never had a problem with it. I still don’t. If I want to wear socks with my sandals, I’m going to; and I certainly won’t think twice about it or care what anyone else thinks about it. But then again, I’ve always been a nonconformist when it comes to fashion. Like paying more than $30 for a pair of shoes, not wearing socks with sandals is one of those ridiculous “fashion rules” that I just don’t get and refuse to comply with. Funny post.

  27. THIS…should be banned. there is no reason for it and it defeats the purpose of sandals in general. sandals are to be worn WITH OUT SOCKS THAT IS WHY ThEY ARE CALLED SANDALS AND NOT SHOES. how can this be so difficult for some to understand? i know its a comfort thing for the wearer but honestly its painful to witness a grown person, with spindly , white , hairy legs, shuffling around with those damn tube socks and a pair of sandals. i did know a man who went to the beach wearing black ankle socks and sandals but my sister talked to him and he did so because he was missing both of his two big toes. so in that case i understand. but this careless wearing and proud to be seen faction of society …are just ridiculous! cant stand it

  28. might i add…in the 1990’s this sort of thing got really out of hand with the band PHISH and Dave Mathews so i think these two musical groups should also be held accountable. just sayin’….

  29. To my disgust….this has become a “NEW” fad amongst high school guys…as a mom of a 15 yr old I see boys walking into school in NIKE socks(apparently they have to be NIKE) and slip on sandals…..UGH! I gasp and they are black socks! In my family we call that being Leroy! because this family friend named…as you would geuss…Leroy always wore black sock and shorts with sandals…sneakers….DRESS BLACK SHOES! What goes around comes around!! …the greeneyesmom

  30. Socks also perform the function of hiding your gross, thick, yellow toenails and acres of calluses from the world, which TRUST ME ON THIS does NOT want to see them.

    Feet are probably the least attractive part of the entire human body, especially on a decidedly non-metrosexual man who only cuts his toenails and digs the gunk out from under them once per leap year.

    If you are going to wear sandals AT ALL — please, men of the world. Engage in some freakin hygiene first. I’m not talking about a mani-pedi with weird little french-manicure crap and sparkly rhinestones. Just basic body maintenance? Thank you.

    Albert Winestain has announced an S&S SCAVENGER HUNT!
    Submit your original photos of S&S sinners and win a pair of sandals!
    (contest ends 5/13/2012) [/joke]

  32. Yes, I must agree there is very little to recommend the wearing of sandals, with or without socks.
    The wearing of any footwear with shorts has always presented problems, I remember my father sporting his old army shorts together with black socks and a pair of stout handmade black leather brogues.
    However horrendous that image may be it pales into insignificance compared to the young chaps I see about town sporting girly filp flops teamed with trousers which seem unable to decide if they should be shorts or of the appropriate lenght to be termed trousers.
    Perhaps 3/4 lenght trousers have been invented to satisfy the health and safey society in which we live, on the basis that they are neither one thing nor the other and will therefore not upset either the short or trouser wearing members of our community.
    Never forget we are all apparently equal in these days, God forbit that any child should win a race at his school sports day, for there are no winners any more, we will all be wearing trousers that are either long shorts, or short longs and we will all be exactly the same.
    I am aware in this day and age it seems a trifle old fashioned to be championing the wearing of a three piece tweed suit, however it does suffice for many an occasion and has so much more class than either sandles or flip flops.
    Beast wishes and, toodle pip for now.

  33. Socks with sandals. You need to check out any women’s fashion magazine for the Chanel ad showing women wearing socks with sandals. I must say I think it’s a great look in the ad. They’ve paired them with a skirted suit. Tres chic! Is there a way to post a photo here?

    I have narrow feet and some sandals just rub and cause blisters. The only comfortable way I can wear them is with socks.

  34. Yes yes totally agree! I wish some of the guys at my university would read this please and realise socks and sandal are not sexy!

  35. LOL! Yay! Other people who don’t understand the sock & sandal thing-a-ma-jig! And women who wear socks and sandals look as silly as the men wearing socks and sandals. 😀

  36. …heheh this post made me chuckle – I agree, the whole socks & sandal combo is just not a good look!! …but somehow, the fact that my ol’ Grandad use to wear socks & sandals, it never seemed to matter – but anyone else, its just a FASHION DISASTER 😀

  37. Excuse me, golf socks with Berkies and long pants are perfectly acceptable in early spring before weather gets warm enough for toes. The hairy leg version shown here, I agree. Give those of us with taste a break! 😉

  38. If you’re going to wear sandals with shorts and a short-sleeved top, why wear socks? And if you’re going to wear long pants and long sleeves, why wear sandals, period?

  39. I use to think that was cool back when I was in middle school in 1993…but maybe that was because I guy I had a crush on wore them like that. Of course if I see that now in this century…no!! Croc’s with socks has taken over. Yik.

  40. Excellent post. I have never pay attention to Socks & Sandals before….
    You are right, Thanks for sharing.

  41. Much as I agree with your points about not wearing socks with sandals I would like to point out that sandals of the type of ugliness featured in the photo should be banned altogether. Seeing tourists wear them on practically every holiday is the bane of my existence.
    Anyway, hilarious post.

  42. What about sandals that irritate your achilles heel but don’t when you wear socks with them?

  43. My friend used to wear these things too. And SHE is just a teenage girl….Her grandma insisted her to wear it in order to protect her beautiful feet. Fortunately, she always wore jeans..It helped a little….Note: a little.

  44. You’ve certainly made me smile so thanks for that. My mind has wandered to the string vest showing underneath a white shirt! Put that with the S&S and it’s time to ….. laugh?

  45. I think I’ve noticed a theme. It’s girls who don’t like the sock/sandal pairing. My girlfriend threatens to break up with me whenever I do it. But I do it for practical purposes…my feet stink. I can smell them when I’m standing so I know everybody else must be going ‘WTF?’

    Now I know I run the risk of looking like my uncle who routinely mows the yard in a wife-beater shirt and black calf socks but I think you can pull it off if you choose the right sock/sandal ensemble. Personally, I rock the ankle length sport sock. But never after labour day.

  46. Socks and sandals are hideous, no doubt. Worse, however, is the practice of wearing pantyhose with open-toe shoes. Especially prevalent among the women of the post-Communist world, this phenomenon makes me want to curl up into a ball and die.

  47. This is like reading a transcript from Fashion Cops.. or was it Fashion Police? Either way, you have a creative way to express opinion and your love of fashion, but you don’t gots to be so means about its, eh.

    *Snaps away with her flip flops and socks*
    Too hot for ya?

  48. I accidentally wore something worse than S&S out a couple weeks ago. Please, if your eyes are tender, don’t read on. So I was talking to some friends, we went out into the yard to discuss something. I put on a pair of shoes I bum around in all the time, shoes that are comfy and that I don’t care what they look like. Well, we talked awhile and then ended up deciding to go grocery shopping. Halfway to the store I screamed in horror and dismay. Both friends jumped in their seats and asked what was wrong. And I cried out “I’M WEARING SOCKS AND CROCS. OH GOD, I HAVE TO DIE!”

    They still wouldn’t agree to turn around so I could change.

    (I’m sorry, world.)

  49. YOu are a sock bigot. It just so happens, I find it ANNOYING when grown adults wear sandals and long slacks, as if they are the liberal/50-60something evolved primate form their stupid, filthy dirty 1960’s selves- when they didn’t wash, didn’t cut their hair, and didn’t give a rip about anything…much like the OWS types today.

    In the Upper Midwest, when it is cold in the am up at the lake, and yet blisteringly hot during the day, wearing sox is a compromise, to changing shoes. So, keep your snotty opinions to yourself. I find sandals offensive, even on (especially on) liberal RC monastics as well… if there are any left. Western civilized men wear SHOES. Sandals are for third world types who can’t afford the shoe leather.

  50. Oh then you MUST never come to Washington state! We (not I though, yuck) here believe that if its sunny out its hot, and if it looks hot we must wear sandles. of course when we get outside and realize that our toes will fall off with out that cotton protection, we immediately run in and throw on socks, leaving again with the sandles. Why? because its sunny with a bit of chilly mixed in! I am surrounded by FOOLS i tell you!

  51. I enjoyed the post and couldn’t agree more. But I’m so glad the comments continued the conversation. It’s good to hear of so many others who agree. I got such a laugh. Thanks for bringing the matter up–and right in time for its seasonal advent too! 🙂

  52. Nice post, I’ve seen the look a ton–which is a shame. I wrote something about the Hawaiian shirt and came to the same conclusion–a definite NO!

  53. You must not be from the Northwest. Men (and women) here not only wear socks with sandals; they wear tie-dye socks with Birkentstocks, toe socks with flip flops, and hand-knit socks with deck shoes. I’ve seriously considered moving.

  54. I dont ever understand why people do that, just like socks with finger they look uncomfortable and more so sweater, snow boots and shorts…really you are warm!…it drives me crazy..I feel sorry ..i feel like either giving them money to wash their cloths or money to go shopping they may not be able to afford pants…LOL

  55. I love this post. When I first moved to Norfolk men wore white socks with black suits and I was truly shocked at such a fashion faux pas. Now I know there is a much worse offence as in socks with sandals! Fine chaps, be comfortable but if you were hoping to repel all attention from ladies this combination is a sure fire way to do it, along with medallions, toupees, beer bellies etc.

    I don’t remember seeing women favour the socks and sandals but I’m sure it must happen. Yikes!

  56. Socks and sandals is a fashion disaster and it is an atrocious sight! I agree! 🙂 Why not care a little more to grab a pair of sneakers instead? They look so trendy with 3-4th shorts! Congratulations on getting freshly pressed.! I loved your post!

  57. You know what’s a worse crime? Those horrible socks with divided toes, designed to wear with flip-flops!. My take is, if your feet are cold, wear shoes!

  58. Personally, I’m prejudiced against sandals anyway, but wearing them with socks is even worse. And why is it always men with shorts showing off their hairy legs wearing the sock/sandal combo?

  59. Okey I have to be honest here that I use to wear socks in my sandals.. That was because otherwise my feet use to get ruff and skin use to dry long with the fact my feet use to get dirty.

    I think when you wear them with trousers, the appearance in not that much pain in the eye.However wearing it with shorts will definitely be disaster (in my defense I use to wear it with trousers)

  60. I wore socks and sandals ONCE in my life, and that too as a 12 year old when fashion was the last thing on my mind.
    And that was the first time I met my boyfriend and that’s all he remembers about me from then and teases me cos I made the fashion faux pas.

    He would love this post. (p:s I do too)
    congrats on making through FP 😀

  61. albert-winestain. A smile a day keeps the doctor away and this blog just made my day. A great eye opener too, always thought those who wear socks and sandals were society’s rebels or simply careless. Congrats for getting Freshly Pressed.

  62. You sir, hit the nail on the head. I too were discussing this issue with a couple of friends. We had no idea where in god’s name this new fashion trend had come from and it was spreading on to the younger generations… seeing lil primary schoolers dirtying their clean white socks all the more for their parents. I can’t see how it appears aethetically pleasing in any manner nor do I see the comfy practicality. Awesome post! Totally agree~

  63. I used to wear sandals with socks having red & white stripes some years back..I thought it was funky. Later on I quitted them(couldn’t tolerate the giggles which followed me everywhere) 😀

  64. I do not like the combination of women’s summer sandals or shoes with thin socks or knee-high, too. I recently saw a girl with knee – high socks and shoes (the rest of the clothes is ok) and it seemed … creepy.

    Ne volim ni zenske kombinacije letnjih cipela ili sandala sa tankim soknicama ili dokolenicama. Skoro sam videla devojku sa dokolenicama i cipelicama (ostatak garderobe je ok) i izgledalo je … jezivo.

  65. I do not like the combination of women’s summer sandals or shoes with thin socks or knee-high, too. I recently saw a girl with knee – high socks and shoes (the rest of the clothes is ok) and it seemed … creepy.

    Ne volim ni zenske kombinacije letnjih cipela ili sandala sa tankim soknicama ili dokolenicama. Skoro sam videla devojku sa dokolenicama i cipelicama (ostatak garderobe je ok) i izgledalo je … jezivo.

  66. Socks with Sandals = “Hawaiian Shoes.” In Hawaii where I was raised, we didn’t own shoes and those few winter mornings when it got cool, we all rummaged through our dresser drawers for socks to keep our feet warm in our saldals, flip-flops or whatever. Talk about some fashion statements!

  67. I think that all the British and Americans should continue to wear socks with sandals so that we know who the tourists are. Apart from them all being very red after a couple of days in the sun it is the easiest way to spot them. We can then sell them overpriced wine, ice cream and plastic Eiffel towers on beaches hundreds of miles from Paris.
    Men in general have very ugly feet and should not be allowed to wear sandals unless accompanied by both parents or they have had a pedicure within the last 5 days and have a certificate to prove it.
    Congratulations on being freshly pressed.

  68. The Socks & Sandals look was first pioneered by Roman soldiers stationed on Hadrian’s Wall. Under army regulations they had to wear Roman sandals, but were permitted to wear socks as Scotland was so cold.

  69. Only thing worse is dark colored dress socks with sandals, or tennies like my kids are apt to do. Dress socks should only be worn under dress pants and nice shoes! =)

  70. Excellent post and it’s so true! My dad used to wear socks and sandals when i was girl and i remember thinking back them, how awful it looked! Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  71. I used to visit my grandparents in the Bahamas every summer and all the Bahamians wear socks with sandals. I used to scorn and ask them why they did that! They never gave me a straight answer, but it usually came down to “so I don’t get sand in my toes”. “Well then”, I would say, “wear tennis shoes!”

    Great post!


  72. I personally enjoy wearing socks with sandals. I do not care what people think of me. I am a respected member of my community who is married with a son on the way. I am considered a bit odd but I am still respected. I wear the socks to help keep my feet clean without getting all of that dirt on them. I love the sandals because they are still much cooler with the socks than wearing my big heavy work boots. I would not call it a sin, I would call it a matter of opinion. =)

  73. I used to do this to keep my feet and shoes from smelling like rotten fruit. 🙂 I thought this was hip back in the early nineties. Kinda like crocs are “hip” now. Your post inspires me to break out my striped multi-colored socks with the form fitting toes! Now THAT’S how you accessorize your socks with your sandals! Watch out world!

  74. Hell’s Teeth!! I said you’d get a lot of comments…but wow! What’s really impressive is you seem to have replied to absolutely everyone, your fingers must be welded to the keyboard by now. For what it’s worth, I think you are a truly lovely person.xx

  75. Roman Legionaries wore socks with sandals, but so would you if you were stationed on Hadrians Wall in Winter snow! Otherwise YEUK!! (but I have done it as a child back in the fifties, sandals and ankle socks (shudders at the memory))

  76. Personally, I am all for socks being worn with open toed sandals — especially when the wearer has those nasty thick toenails that look like that green and brown Ruffles chip at the bottom of the chip bag.

    Also I have a fear of feet so the less I have to see them, the better.

  77. Being much more concerned with comfort than style, I appreciated 2 of the 3 “benefits.” As a professor, I do take some grief from my college-aged friends, but I think they’re more interested in my odd comforts than in my completely fitting in with their idea of cool, anyway! Yeah, I admit it’s not too cool in most corners of the country and am not sure how long I can keep it up, as my 3-year-old son gets older….

    Quite a few did socks w/sandals all winter in Colorado when I was there in grad school. That’s why I started buying Land’s End heavy socks — so I could keep wearing sandals in the winter, keeping my feet comfortable and warm (Me and Roman soldiers in Scotland, I guess), not letting them get sweaty. I’ve come to like the look of socked feet in sandals with jeans and a sport coat.

  78. Great post! I never understood why people wear socks and sandals together. For goodness sake let your feet “breathe” a little, at least in the summer time… My husband likes to wear flip flops and sometimes in the evening his feet get cold… Imagine what he does?!?! He puts the socks on and thennnnn… puts his feet into flip flops… I would say this is far worse than socks and sandals 😀 After I give him “that” look, he is like: “What?” and I am thinking “Seriously? Seriously man?” 😀 Still love him with all his gooffyness!

  79. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Hopefully people will take the hint that this needs to die quickly. If they are that concerned with making sure their feet don’t show, perhaps they should all get pedicures. 1. It will improve the world’s attractive feet quotient. 2. It will provide them with an hour of relaxation thereby making people less crabby and more loving and kind. 3. It will help the world economy by spreading some of the wealth. 4. It will remove an eyesore that is giving the rest of us headaches. A win-win for everyone!

  80. Thank you for this post. I HATE socks and sandals….why do people think it could EVER look good? My ex actually got in a big argument when we were together with me over wearing socks with sandals. He claimed that you are SUPPOSED to wear them with sandals and anyone who doesn’t do so is a disgusting dirtball. Well, that is at least one reason why he’s an ex. 😛

  81. Sandals are my preferred foot covering. Boots are good when snowblowing or moving boulders or such. But give me socks with sandals when it is too cold to wear sandals alone. Go out and buy some great socks and thumb your toes at whoever dares to snicker at your warm feet.

  82. I’m looking at the above comments, and it seems some people aren’t able to laugh at life or themselves, and they just take things too seriously…

  83. Aren’t sandals supposed to be worn in the summer, making it warm outside, making socks unnecessary because it would only make your feet sweat huh? Haha 🙂

  84. This post was seriously funny and had me laughing out loud at work – I love your sense of humour!! Thumbs up for making a statement just before summer hits in full bloom & we have to be subjected to cringing – every day. LA

  85. If God had handed Moses the Ten Commandments of Fashion, this would have most assuredly been in the top five.

  86. Fantastic post! Although I have to admit I personally find all men wearing white socks repulsive (unless it is summer and they are wearing a pale outfit then I can make an exception) men should wear black socks! But I think this is just personal preference! 😛

  87. That is a hilarious story! Socks and sandals are one of my pet peeves.
    It’s actually an oxymoron: one wears sandals because it is too hot for regular shoes. So why the socks? Why not just wear regular shoes to begin with? Maybe because it would look silly with shorts?

  88. I wear sandals specifically because I don’t want to wear socks. Wearing both is a little like wearing a tank top and long johns on a hot day.

    Then again, I mostly need cool footwear because I wear black jeans in the middle of summer.

  89. LOL! I USED to wear S&S because my feet are truly horrible looking, but I gave it up when all of my family/friends gave me grief about it. Now I never have to worry about buying sandals, so I consider this a plus.

    Congrats on Freshly Pressed!

  90. By the way some people _advocate_ socks with sandals, on the opposite. And sometimes I can uderstand them: some sandals have nasty footbeds, and when your foot gets sweaty it feels disgusting. A sock would fix that.

  91. 20+ years ago when I moved to Colorado, I thought “I will never wear socks with sandals.”
    I have done it many times since then.

    If your feet have been in ski boots, snowboarding boots, or strapped into snowshoes all day, you pretty much need to do this. Your feet have been compressed so they need to expand but they also need sole stability or you’ll get an inury post-activity. You also need to free your feet in a way I can only compare to taking off a bra at the end of the day. Despite all this need to release your foot, it’s still cold out. So…socks. This is all pretty functional all here.

    The unbridled JOY of these activities (not to mention health benefits) makes it worth a little foot stress. And once your feet are at that point, they tell fashion “bite me”. It’s not sexy, no, but the feet don’t care. ; )

  92. Two reasons to wear socks with sandals: your sandals stink without them and if your feet get easily sunburnt then socks .are good protection. Leggings on fat legs – now there’s a fashiont faux pas.

  93. But what about people who have really really ugly toes – I would rather see them in ugly socks with their sandals than witness their ugly, perhaps grotesque toes. Wouldn’t you? Here in the pacific northwest it seems fashionable, I mean practically everyone does it and now I’m going to wonder what their feet look like and the possible reasons they are really wearing those socks with their sandals…..

  94. You know what’s worse? Daisy Duke cut offs with no shirt and white knee high socks stuffed into engineer boots. That was my husbands ‘summer wardrobe’ for many years, thank god he stopped.

  95. *SHUDDER* there was a time when i was 12 years old, that this was cool… when I look back at that time, i want to shoot myself…….. hope this trend never picks up…EVER!!!!!

  96. Here is my advice for all those saying wearing socks with sandals is a bad thing.

    Ignore them.

    I really never got why this is such a big deal. There is still the possiblity of “letting one’s feet breathe” sort of, without needing to take your socks off- sandals are a less stuffy environment for them than shoes, even with socks. And bare feet against rubber (or whatever the sole is made from) leaves a sort of sticky and horrible feeling which socks remove.

    Sure, it might look a *little* odd but who cares? It surely cannot be that bad.

  97. When I first moved to Colorado I was shocked to see the socks with Tevas, socks with Keens and of course socks with Birkenstocks. And no, it’s not the tourists it’s all the “outdoorsey” people. To them it is normal and I am the freak. Great post.

  98. I really enjoy the persepective you take, and also the style of communication you employ. Before, I always thought it was a personal preference to not like sandals with socks. But now I know I’m not alone. Well done=)

  99. LOL I think I have almost trained my husband NOT to commit this crime….almost. I will be sending him a link to this so he can see that I am NOT the only one who is appalled!

    • I saw a pic of GH wearing S$S back in the dats when I was a mad fan and it momentarily tempered my ardor. What came out in the end was tolerance, something I’m sure GH would have approved 🙂

  100. My dad is by far the worst offender of this crime, for not only does he wear hideous white socks, he wears them with thongs (flip flops?).

    And it gets worse – he wears this combination in Winter. With his trackpants tucked into his socks.

    Thank you for this hilarious post. It’s basically every conversation I’ve ever had with my dad about this topic!

  101. I am a professional couch potato I love the sock and sandal thing. It looks even better on the six foot leisure suit wearer ❤ LOL!

  102. You are fantastic! I laughed out loud, loudly. Thank you for that. It took forever for me to get down to this comment box. 🙂

  103. This brings back terrible memories from my childhood. My uncle used to do the sandals and socks combo and I used to pretend I wasn’t with him when we were walking down the street. He was English mind you and English men have no fashion sense. He has not gotten any better with old age. Now he wears socks, sandals and I found a packet of viagra in his bathroom recently. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but he turned 76 last year and can’t stop chasing women. I don’t know what they see in him when he’s wearing his socks and sandals but maybe that’s all he wears in the bedroom – hee hee. Who knows.

  104. Love it!! Great post, made me LOL. My husband is German, and I have to admit that when we met he tried it. Just the once!! I made him vow there and then – never again. Now if only I could convince my father in law….

  105. Great post!
    My dad wears S&S and I gave him shit about it once, he just shugged and hopped along his merry S&S way… Made me smile while I walked next to him bare feet to the pub (oh yes bare feet is better than anything if you live in an at least semi clean city)

  106. I don’t wear long white socks with my sandals but I do wear the athletic short ones with my Keens. I’ve also been known to wear just about any socks I have on with a pair of flip flops (Japanese style) when I water my yard in the morning. I may be a nerd but I’m happy and know what I like. Long white athletic socks with sandals, you’re right I can’t even wrap my mind around that. Especially when the legs are skinny and very white and the shorts are plaid. It’s just wrong!

  107. I can’t believe people are trying to justifying their sock & sandle wearing. I hate wearing socks anywhere, anytime. Would much rather go the grandpa slippers (which I don’t, mind you – uggs though, totally different, great and oh so versatile). My beloved shares the same S&S opinion, but then has been known to don the old S&S right in front of me. Thinks it’s ok because no one sees him (well, hello!). NOooo! No, no, never!

  108. I live in southwest florida and it is a rule that you must wear that combo when in public, little secret we take them off when we go inside our homes.

  109. My husband is SO guilty of this. And when I am not watching, he puts our 3 yr old son in them too. WTH? Its an outrage….

  110. Great post! Is not a about fashion rules is also cultural….is a matter of To Do or Not To Do and for me is no way!!!! i will love to see someone in Rio de Janeiro wearing S&S, the cariocas will never understand, or in Cartagena Colombia OMG, is not offesive guys is just hard to see and accept, but if you are happy wearing S&S come with your friends to Rio and you will see if the garotas will love….good luck! anyway nice issue,

  111. I did a similar blog post about a year ago about saggy paints showing a person’s rear end. It’s nice to see a similar post about sandals and socks.

  112. A very nice addition to the basic S&S look would be dark shorts somewhat on the tight side and a polo shirt tucked into the shorts. Add a mobile phone clipped to the belt and it’s perfect.

  113. a sin? hmmm….I think it depends on the combination (socks height, colour, pattern, and your wardrobe). Well yeah, that picture shows the example of fashion crime, though 😀

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  115. Some so serious replies about socks and sandals. I see you like Oscar Wilde….
    “Seriousness is the refuge of the shalow.” the big “O”
    That ought to start of a blizzard of bio-hazardous comments from the Association of Sock and Sandals crowd. Imagine the possibilities for an acronym for that organization…

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