The Man behind the Tash (About)

Now then my curious amigos!

So at the age of 17 I have decided to start a blog, thrusting myself straight into a world of wonderfully bizarre views on all things LIFE! On my page, I hope to provide you with daily posts (well I’ll try my best! :S), seeking to cover multifarious topics from Sport to Music, Entertainment to Politics and even Fashion to Moustaches!

Although it may seem like a Sisyphean task at first, I think that this blogging malarky should end up being pretty fun and I hope that you’ll enjoy my posts too!

I would also be very grateful for comments (critical or complimentary) on my posts with likes and follows always welcome! Anyway, I can’t wait to hear from you fellow bloggers!



22 thoughts on “The Man behind the Tash (About)

  1. Perfect age when I first started my diary. 31 years later I’m still at it. May you never run out of things to say, and never hold yourself in contempt of your own opinion.

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  3. Hey Albert – how did you know you were on freshly pressed? Did you receive a notification? Thumbs up brilliant!

    • Hey boobies (sorry, don’t know what your name is! haha) Ermm well I wondered why my views had shot up so I checked the ratings and it said they were coming from so thats when I check :p also got an email from them

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